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The Numbers Don't Lie

Data Can Be So Helpful

I spend a lot of time with businesses discussing their website and social media campaigns. Lots of businesses spend good money on these things and have little to show for them. Why? They don't track anything.

It's imperative to know what you're getting back from these efforts. It might not be the most relevant information for your business, but I don't believe you can have too much data. I track everything - our website, Facebook page, and even these newsletters. They give me valuable insights into how Vermont Computing is doing and what we can do better. Here's what you can do to get some more information from your online efforts.

Google Analytics - if your website doesn't have Google Analytics, it should. It's free, it's the best website tracking tool available, and it's easy to implement. If you have this information and you're not at least looking it over, shame on you. Spending five minutes a month will tell you whether your website or other marketing efforts are paying off.

Facebook - If you have a company Facebook page, it's easy to see how the page is doing. Try posting different kinds of content and see what the results are. Over time you'll come to understand what your audience likes most. A free tool like Roost can help make this simpler.

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