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Newer Technology Isn't Always Better

Sometimes, technology isn't worth the investment

Sometimes, it's a nightmare and you wish you could wake up. Yes, even though I'm good at what I do, I still feel this way. I'll even tell you a secret... VCI's filing system is NOT paperless! That's right, we have boxes and boxes of paper in our basement. It's not because we lack the ability or the technology to digitize all of that stuff... it's because it doesn't matter that much. While I preach backup, sometimes to an annoying volume, I don't value these particular documents enough to back them up. Sometimes I leave my phone at home. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I am in charge of the technology, and not the other way around.

We live in a world that values progress and change, with technological advancements reaping most of the praise. Most of this is deserved, but it can be overwhelming at times. We have an entire generation that will grow up without knowing what it's like to be without constant communication tools such as cell phones. I've talked about this in other places I write, but to summarize: that's not healthy. I tend to be a bit different from my colleagues in technology - while I review and examine new technologies, I only embrace them when they make a significant improvement in life or business. Most of the time, new technologies do not do either of those things. 

And that's what I want to leave you with in this holiday season - a gift. Or, a suggestion of a gift. Give yourself the gift of forgoing technology where it's appropriate. Treat it as you would anything else - excessive use is rarely healthy. 


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